Locke Zantrell



Background: Early life: Grew up as a street urchin, cutting purses and running errands. When he came of age, he tried tojoin the thieves gui|d, but lacked the natural talent for it. On his way out the door, he ran into the guild chaplain who noticed his outgoing personality and irrepressiblely good humor, even despite having just been denied his childhood ambition. Suspecting a talent towards the divine (or maybe just taking pity on the unfortunte lad), the chaplain took the boyunder his wing and started teaching him the ways of Olidammara. He swiftly showed great talent, and soon became the most apt pupil the old chaplain had ever discovered.

Personality: Generally a nice guy, but has a penchant for mischief. Likes to occasionally pull a good con, and has no problem with scamming passerby for a few extra coins. Will help someone in need, but is not above asking for a reward afterwards. Enjoys gambling, but usually only when he can cheat or the odds are clearly in his favor. As any true follower of Olidammara, he is fond of wine, singing, revelry, and all other sorts of fun.

Reason for joining CW: On his first journey out into the world, he took with him only the money he had saved (or scammed) and and a beautiful silver Grinning Mask of Olidammara, which was a gift from his mentor upon his ordination into the service of Olidammara. He stopped at a secondhand weapons shop before leaving town, and purchased an old but servicable mace, a used and slightly ill-fitting suit of scale mail, and a rough wooden shield. After stopping at the market to get the rest of his travelling supplies, he set out on the road to Calimshire. Several days down the road, he encountered a man being beset by two undead zombies. Dropping his supplies, he swiftly ran to the man’s rescue. After dispatching the rotting abominations, he healed the man’s wounds, and after realizing the man was going to offer no reward, prepared to set out on his way. Before he could start out, the man stopped him, and introduced himself as Grim, the CW’s doorguard. The man was impressed with Locke’s abilities, and asked him if he would be interested in joining his organization.

Locke Zantrell

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