Malek Orcslayer

He hates orcs...he probably hates you.


HP 49; AC 21[+10 Armor Bonus(+1 Dwarven Stone Armor); +1 Deflection(Ring of Protection+1)]; (21 Flatfooted; 11 Touch); Attack: Warhammer+8(1d8+4) or Light Hammer, Throwing+5(1d4+3); Str 16; Dex 11; Con 16; Int 14; Wis 16; Cha 4; Fort +8; Ref +2; Will +8; Grapple +7; Concentration +12; Craft(Arms and Armor) +7; Heal +12; Knowledge(Arch & Eng) +4; Knowledge(Religion) +7


To call this Cleric of Moradin abrasive might be the biggest understatement of the day. Malek adventures as training in the hopes of one day going home to Stouthead Mountain and rejoining his kin to defend the city he loves. If he is able to kill a few hundred orcs on his travels, that would probably make his week.

Malek Orcslayer

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