Wall of Honor

Here we honor our comrades fallen in battle.

Kaita (Monk): Valiantly stepped up to trade fisticuffs with an ogre. Unfortunately, the ogre was not interested in getting punched, so it squished him with a tree, killing him instantly.

Reuben (Wizard): Chased after a fleeing dragon, yelling something about not letting it get away. Turned a corner and got turned into a puddle of acidey goo. Perished alongside his beloved raven Loki, to whom he fed his last healing potion just minutes before.

Callith (Paladin): Bravely defended his comrades to the last, battling the same dragon that melted the wizard. Acid breath, sadly, is hard to dodge wearing full plate armor.

Gene (Wizard): Cut in half by a barbarian. Didn’t know him for long, but he seemed like a pretty nice guy.

Hira (Samurai): Killed by an orc after going toe to toe with a troll and surviving. Not officially inducted into the CW but died in the line of duty and received a postmortem appointment to our ranks.

Sharia (Ranger): Torn clean in half by a troll, after lighting it on fire a whole lot. It must not have liked that or something.

Locke (Cleric): Squished by two undead ogres’ greatclubs. At the same time.

Wall of Honor

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